Get Started: All Projects

To find a project on VentUp, you will need to go to, which will direct you to the page below (The Vent Launchpad App). You will have to click on the circled icon. This will take you to the “All Projects” page.

The projects icon is on the left-hand sidebar

Search for Projects

This is what the All Projects page will look like. Once you are on this page, there are multiple ways to find projects. You can either search for projects in the “Search projects” search bar, or you can filter projects by categories.

If you want to narrow your search, you can do it with the drop-down bar

If you want to search for a specific project, use the search bar

Project Page

Once you click on one of the projects, you will be directed to that project’s “Project Page”, which will have this format. Once here, you can read about the project details, as well as apply to the whitelist if interested.

Project Page on the VentUp Launchpad

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