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How-to Connect your MetaMask Wallet

In this how-to guide, we are explaining in detail all the ways to connect your Metamask Wallet to the Vent Launchpad.

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1. Get Started

To connect your wallet to the VentUp Launchpad you will need to go to, which will direct you to the page: The Vent Launchpad App. Then you will have to click on the “Connect Wallet” button in the top right corner of the page, as indicated by the blue arrow below.

2. Install MetaMask Extension

Once you click on the button, the Connect wallet pop-up will appear. If you don’t have the Metamask extension installed then it will ask you to install it (The Metamask extension is only available on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge browsers).

3. Connect MetaMask Wallet

Once you have the Metamask extension installed, it will allow you to connect to it. Press on the arrow next to the Metamask icon. This will then make the Metamask pop-up appear on your browser. You will have to log into your Metamask to connect your wallet.

4. Setup MetaMask to connect to Matic Network

Once logged into your Metamask, you will have to change your Metamask settings to the Polygon (MATIC) Network. We have built the app in a way that we have simplified the entire process for you. Once you attempt to connect the Metamask wallet with the wrong mainnet connected, you a “Wrong Chain” message. Click on the “Change to Matic” button.

If the "Change to Matic" button does not appear, check out our How-to Add Custom Networks on MetaMask guide to manually add and change networks.

Setup MetaMask to connect to Matic Network

Once you click on the button. You will have the following pop-up from the Metamask Wallet, asking to approve the addition of the new network (Polygon). Click on Approve.

Once you have approved, the next step is to confirm the switch to the network. This is done by simply clicking on “Switch Network”.

Switch Network on Metamask

5. Connected Wallet

Once you have switched to the Polygon Network and your wallet is connected, the pop-up on the VentUp Launchpad will show a “connected” text, with a green circle as shown below. You can now exit out of this pop-up.

Metamask Connnected

You should then see the “Wallet Connected” text in the top right corner, where it used to say “Connect Wallet”.

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