1. Get Started

To apply to the whitelist for a project, you must first be on the project's page that you want to invest in. Once there, you must click on the “Apply to Whitelist” button, indicated by the blue arrow.

Click here for the How-to Guide on how to Register on the VentUp Launchpad.

On the Project Page, click “Apply to Whitelist”

2. Apply to Whitelist

Once you press the “Apply to Whitelist” button, a pop-up will appear like the one in the image below. Here you will be able to choose how much you want to invest.

Once you have decided how much to invest, you will be taken to this next step in the process, where you will have to state why you are interested in investing in this project. We want to know how passionate you are about the projects you’re investing in.

Tell us why you are interested in investing in this project

Once you have stated the reason why you want to invest in this project. You will be asked to enter your wallet address (the wallet address that you will use to invest).

Click “Next” when you have done this.

Enter your wallet address

Once you have entered your wallet address, you will have successfully applied to the whitelist and will receive the following message.

You have successfully applied to whitelist!

If you haven´t connected your wallet you will get this message. Please refer to this article to connect your wallet.

You have to connect your wallet to apply for whitelist.
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