On September 10, 2021 — the day of the VENT IDO — some changes will be made to the VentUp Launchpad. For the IDO specifically, to ensure a smooth experience, we will be removing the login page and give direct access to the Vent Profile Page — as seen below.

With that said, once you enter launchpad.vent.finance, the URL will be redirected to ido.vent.finance — as shown on the page above.

⚠️ Very important, please ensure that the domain is constantly ___________.vent.finance — any other link with a different domain is a scam!

With that said, let's dive into how to invest and claim your $VENT tokens on September 10:

1. Connecting your wallet:

Since whitelisted users will not be required to register, you will be able to invest in the IDO using your whitelisted wallet! This is the wallet you originally connected upon registration on the VentUp Launchpad!

⚠️ This is the only wallet that can be used to purchase VENT on the IDO and receive your tokens upon distribution prior to listing.

To connect your wallet, simply click on the Connect button on the top right of the page in ido.vent.finance.

2. Whitelist Status:

After connecting your wallet, you can find your Whitelist status in two ways. You can either go to the Pool Details tab as follows:

or find your whitelist status above the Total Raise section:

This way, you will find how much MATIC you have in your wallet on the Polygon Chain as well.

On a side note, MATIC will be pegged to a fixed value a couple of minutes before IDO. We will show you how much VENT can be purchased for every MATIC. On the image above, you can see that 1 MATIC = 50.00 VENT. This is just an example and is not the pegged value!

3. Investing in Round 1 — Guaranteed Allocation:

When you have successfully connected your wallet, confirmed your whitelist, and the amount of MATIC you have in your Metamask on the Polygon Chain, you are now all set to invest in the first round of the IDO once it opens at 4:00 AM UTC. This round will last 5 hours, from 4:00 AM UTC to 9:00 AM UTC. — you can convert the timeframes to your timezone here.

At 4:00 AM UTC, you will be able to click on the invest button, which will open your Metamask extension. This way, you will have to select the amount you want to invest, staying within the minimum and maximum personal investment cap announced earlier: 50 MATIC — 225 MATIC ($300 worth of MATIC based on the pegged value of 1 MATIC = 1.40 USDT)

4. Investing in Round 2 — FCFS

After the first round closes at 9:00 AM UTC, the second round will open 30 minutes later, at 9:30 AM UTC.

This round follows the same process as Round 1. The only difference is that Round 1 was a guaranteed allocation, so no matter when you invested within the given timeframe, you will be able to invest within the set range.

Round 2, on the other hand, follows a first come first served (FCFS) approach, whereas the name describes, VENT tokens will be allocated to the first whitelisted users that invest in the round, staying within the maximum range previously announced: up to 750 MATIC.

This means that investors will need to act fast before the cumulative Round reaches the hard cap of $168,000.

Having said that, we recommend charging a higher Gas fee to speed up your transaction. The recommended (and automatically set) Gas fee will be 100 GWEI. This amount, however, is editable by the investor.

5. Round 2 (FCFS) — Maximum Personal Cap

On a side note, Round 1 and Round 2 will be cumulative. This means that anything invested in either round will be added up together and will be capped at a maximum personal investment of 750 MATIC.

For example:

Scenario 1:

If you invest 150 MATIC in Round 1 (GA), you can only invest up to 600 MATIC in Round 2 (FCFS):

150+600 = 750 MATIC

Scenario 2:
If you invest 300 MATIC in Round 1 (GA) and are looking to invest 600 MATIC in Round 2 (FCFS), you will not be able to, as this will be more than the total 750 MATIC cap.

300+600 750 MATIC

In this scenario where you invest 250 MATIC in Round 1 (GA), you will only be able to invest up to 500 MATIC in Round 2 (FCFS) as:

300+450 = 750 MATIC

6. Adding VENT token to Metamask

Once you have invested in either Round, you will be able to claim your $VENT tokens at 12:00 PM UTC. Before doing so, you will have to add the $VENT token to your Metamask. To do so, go to the Metamask extension. Make sure you are connected to the Matic Mainnet and then click on the Add Token button.

Once you do so, add the following information in the relevant tabs:

  • Token Contract Address (Polygon): 0xf21441f9ec4c1fe69cb7cf186eceab31af2b658d

  • Token Symbol: VENT

  • Decimal: 18

7. Claiming the $VENT token

Once you have added the $VENT token to your Metamask (Polygon Chain), you will be able to claim your tokens by pressing on the Claim button at 12:00 PM UTC, as previously mentioned.

To claim your tokens, there will be a Gas fee once more. Similar to Round 2, we recommend a Gas fee of 100 GWEI.

Once you have claimed your tokens, you are now a $VENT holder.

You will be able to trade VENT on Pancakeswap (BSC), Uniswap (Ethereum Mainnet), and Gate.io (Ethereum Mainnet).

You can find how to bridge the $VENT token from Matic Mainnet to other chains here.

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