To find your claimed $VENT tokens on your Metamask following the VENT IDO, or you are interested in buying the VENT token on a Decentralized Exchange (DEX), you will have to add the $VENT token to your MetaMask on the corresponding Network (Polygon, Ethereum, or BSC).

To add the $VENT token to your Metamask, you will have to go to the Metamask extension and click on the Add Token button, and click on the Custom Token tab.

Once you do so, you will be asked to add the following information:

  • Token Contract Address:

  • Token Symbol:

  • Decimal:

The VENT Token Contact Address depends on the Network you want to add the VENT token to:

  1. Polygon Network: 0xf21441f9ec4c1fe69cb7cf186eceab31af2b658d

  2. Ethereum Network: 0x5f0bc16d50f72d10b719dbf6845de2e599eb5624

  3. BSC Network: 0x872d068c25511be88c1f5990c53eeffcdf46c9b4

The token symbol and decimal should then be automatically added. If not, here are the date you will have to input:

  • Token Symbol: VENT

  • Decimal: 18

If you want to add custom Networks to your MetaMask (such as Polygon or BSC), check out our How-to Add Custom Networks on MetaMask guide.

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