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How-to Add the $VENT Token on Metamask
How-to Add the $VENT Token on Metamask

In this how-to guide, we are going to explain in detail how to add the $VENT token to claim your tokens.

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Steps to add $VENT to MetaMask

You need to officially register $VENT to the same MetaMask wallet associated with your Vent Launchpad account to make token purchases and participate in IDOs on VENT.

  1. Click and open MetaMask

  2. Select your choice network address for $VENT (Ethereum, Polygon, BSC Network).

  3. Select "import tokens" at the bottom of your wallet page.

  4. Copy and paste the corresponding $VENT wallet address.

  5. Click 'Add Tokens.'

NB: $VENT symbol and decimal auto-fills if you input the correct wallet address.

If the $VENT symbol and decimal fail to auto-fill, you can input them manually with the details below.

$VENT symbol: VENT

$VENT decimal: 18

VENT Token Addresses

Polygon Network


Ethereum Network


BSC Network


See our guide to adding custom networks to MetaMask, if you need help adding Polygon or BSC networks to your MetaMask.

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