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How-to Import a Yoroi Wallet Address to Nami Wallet?
How-to Import a Yoroi Wallet Address to Nami Wallet?

In this how-to guide, we are going to go over step by step how to import an existing Yoroi Wallet Address to Nami Wallet.

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For new users, you can follow the step-by-step guide on how to download and create a Nami Wallet, click here.

Preliminary Steps:

1. Is Nami compatible with Yoroi

Nami will not track all addresses associated with your imported wallet and might result in partial reflection of assets. Daedalus and Yoroi utilize the concept of multiple addresses per wallet, while Nami just uses a single address. The structure of multiple addresses is a legacy feature that no longer has functionality. The Cardano ecosystem is moving away from that structure in order to reduce complexity and confusion.

2. Which Address will be Imported to Nami

When importing your Yoroi Wallet to Nami Wallet, Nami takes the very first address created on Yoroi. To find this address, open your Yoroi Wallet, and go to the Receive tab.

The very last wallet address represents the very first wallet address generated, and this will be the one imported to Nami.

⚠️ Nami still recommends creating a new wallet for Nami to avoid confusion and keep the user experience great. Some issues may be faced due to Yoroi's multiple addresses per wallet vs. Nami's single address.

Import Yoroi Wallet to Nami:

1. Import Wallet to Nami

After downloading the Nami Wallet extension to your browser, click on Import Wallet.

After clicking on Import, you will be asked to choose a "Seed Phrase Length". This represents the number of words of your Yoroi Seed Phrase.

2. Verifying Seed Phrase

Once you chose the seed phrase length, you will have to enter all words in the correct order.

3. Create your Account

After entering your seed phrase, you will then be prompted to create an account. To do so, simply fill in the desired name of the wallet and password.

After that, you can click Create.

And you're all set! You can now close this tab by clicking close.

4. How to find your Nami Wallet Address:

To find your Nami Wallet Address, you will have to open the Nami extension on your browser and click on the Receive button.

This will open a QR code and an address below. This will be the receiving Cardano Native address of the very first wallet generated on your Yoroi wallet that has now been imported to Nami wallet.

If you are facing any issues, you may contact the Vent Team on our community channel: @ventcommunity on Telegram.

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