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How to Participate in IDO
Understanding Vent Tier System
Understanding Vent Tier System

Your allocation for each project is determined by your participation tier, graded by your $VENT holdings. Full details found here.

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The Vent launchpad uses a simplified ticket allocation distribution system (STADS) to group participants in an IDO. Each rank has a corresponding base guaranteed allocation shown in the table below.

Your average holding score (AHS) should be at least 5000 $VENT and above to qualify for a base allocation.

Base Guaranteed Allocation (BGA)

The base guaranteed allocation (BGA) shows prospective participants who have applied for entry listing (formerly known as whitelisting), how much they could earn from an IDO based on the total $VENT they offer to participate. This amount of $VENT offered must be held throughout and beyond a length of time known as the snapshot period.

VENT calculates the total number of participants and the aggregate $VENT they have to offer to determine the base guaranteed allocation for an IDO.

Snapshot period

In a snapshot period, the total number of $VENT in your wallet is randomly recorded each day to ensure you meet the minimum $VENT balance required to participate in the IDO.

A typical snapshot period lasts seven days and at the end of the snapshot period, you may or may not get entry listed based on your average holding score.

Average Holding Score (AHS)

Your average holding score is calculated by dividing your total $VENT holdings in each daily snapshot by the number of days the snapshot period will last (usually 7 days).

Average holding score = Total $VENT holdings in each snapshot number of days in snapshot period (7)


$VENT amount

Days held

Average holding score

Tier category

5,000 $VENT


(5,000 7) 7 = 5,000

Tier 1

25,000 $VENT


(25,000 5) 7 = 17,857

Tier 2

60,000 $VENT


(60,000 3) 7 = 25,714

Tier 3

200,000 $VENT


(200,000 2) 7 = 57,142

Tier 4

700,000 $VENT


(700,000 1) 7 = 100,000

Tier 5

You can participate in the latest IDO on the Vent Launchpad when you sign up and complete a one-time KYC verification.

Vent tiers - Watch Video

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