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What is the Vent Launchpad?

The Vent Launchpad is an intuitive crowdfunding platform providing early-stage projects access to crowdfunding.

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What is Vent Launchpad?

The Vent Launchpad is an intuitive crowdfunding platform providing early-stage projects access to crowdfunding. We offer 24hr support, guaranteed allocations, and token purchase protection.

Vent Launchpad ranks for the most thorough due diligence mechanism amongst many launchpads and offers a 100% token-back guarantee projects that do not meet our success standard.

Easy Access to Community Sales

Typical crypto community sales involve high gas fees, small allocations, and little protection for your purchase. VENT removes the red tape.

Learn & Research

At VENT, we provide due diligence on our partners. Our focus is on projects that offer long-term value to the blockchain ecosystem. We provide our community with the resources they need to safely participate.

Guaranteed Allocation

At VENT, we emphasize equality and accessibility. That’s why we provide opportunities for our $VENT holders with a Base Guaranteed Allocation to access to all Vent launches.

Security & Trust

Vent operations deploy Security Controls to ensure a secure environment. Each Project’s funding is held in custody and only released to them based on milestone achievements. If the project doesn’t meet our standards post-launch, we refund your purchase.

Vent Launchpad for Project Founders

Project founders and developers also choose the Vent Launchpad to benefit from its elaborate technical and financial support throughout their pre-and post-IDO processes. Some of these benefits are exclusive to the Vent Launchpad and may include: Exchange listing, influencer marketing, community management, token metrics, token policy and token economy help.

The Vent Launchpad guarantees seamless, secure and profitable partnerships between token holders and project founders.

Vent Launchpad and $VENT Token

$VENT is the multi-utility liquidity token native to the Vent ecosystem and used for all finance and governance activities on the Vent Launchpad. See our Vent simplified allocation system to understand how many benefits you can earn from holding specific amounts of $VENT over a period.

How to Use the Vent Launchpad

The Vent Launchpad is simple to use. New users only need to sign up for the Vent platform with their email address and password and complete a fast and straightforward KYC verification process.

You may access a list of completed and ongoing projects on your dashboard once your KYC is verified. Make your choice and apply for Entry Listing.

If you are a project founder, you may have to fill out the Vent Launchpad project evaluation form and expect feedback within 48 hours.

Need more information? Visit our Vent Guide or contact the 24/7 Vent Helpdesk.

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