Steps to Apply For IDO Entry List

  • Sign in to the Vent Launchpad.

  • Connect your $VENT-enabled wallet with a sufficient amount of $VENT credited.

  • Select the project you wish to apply for entry listing.

  • Click register and fill in the page that follows with details about your reasons for applying.

  • Submit

As a basic requirement, you need to have your KYC verification completed, your wallet connected, and a sufficient amount of $VENT available in it to qualify for the entry list. The period between your application and qualification for entry listing is known as the snapshot period.

It is required to register for a project IDO and go through the snapshot period in order to participate in an IDO and receive an allocation.

You can also follow our video guidelines here

How to register to a project on Vent Launchpad - Watch Video

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