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How-to Buy $VENT Tokens
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Where and How You Can Buy $VENT Tokens
Where and How You Can Buy $VENT Tokens

$VENT is the native multi-utility token for the VENT ecosystem. See where and how you can purchase your $VENT today.

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  • To purchase a specific amount of $VENT tokens, you need to have an equivalent of either BTC, ETH, ADA, MATIC, USDT, BUSD or USDC stored in your wallet.

  • If you do not have any of the listed crypto tokens, you can swap or purchase them for cash with your credit card at exchanges like Coinbase and Binance.

  • Proceed to swap these cryptos for $VENT at any of these official decentralized exchanges:

Coinbase (for ETH)

  • Sign up to any of these exchange platforms, connect your wallet, and select the swap pair to be exchanged in your wallet for a specific amount of $VENT tokens.

$VENT Token Uses

$VENT (referred to as Vent Finance) is the standard liquidity token native to the VENT ecosystem. It is designed with a scalable utility function and used for holding, staking, farming and other non-transactional function like governance and pre-IDO upvotes on the Vent Launchpad.

$VENT is also the accepted community token for all IDO entry-listing and investments on the Vent Launchpad. See all the updates on the latest IDOs and how to get started on Vent.

To own $VENT, you can buy or swap your desired amount using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Polygon (MATIC), BinanceUSD (BUSD) or the United States Dollar Tether (USDT).

NB: Look out for the upcoming fiat-to-$VENT features that enable you to purchase VENT tokens with your credit card or through any local currency payment platform.

How to Buy $VENT Tokens?

Here is a guide to purchasing $VENT using cryptocurrencies you may (or may not) own.

Buy $VENT With Your BTC.

You can exchange your BTC for $VENT (if you already own some) by sending the desired amount of BTC to these decentralized exchanges: PancakeSwap, and

If you have no BTC, you can purchase on Coinbase or your choice cryptocurrency exchange with your local currency or credit card.

See crypto price-tracking sites for the latest BTC/VENT exchange rate.

Buy $VENT With Your USDT.

You may swap your USDT stablecoin for $VENT by purchasing $VENT tokens at either Pancakeswap and

USDT is a cryptocurrency stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar and used for inter-crypto transactions and benchmarking.

Buy $VENT With Your ETH.

You can also buy $VENT with your ETH on notable exchanges or bridge your existing ADA or MATIC-based $VENT to ETH-based $VENT using Chainport.

The Vent Launchpad is compatible with your Metamask wallet and you can connect it directly to receive $VENT rewards.

ETH is the native token of the Ethereum EVM blockchain—the second-largest cryptocurrency by market value and the busiest blockchain network. Keep track of VENT/ETH transactions and rates with Etherscan.

Buy $VENT with BUSD

BUSD is another stable coin native to the Binance Smart Chain, which you can use to purchase $VENT. Swap your BUSD for VENT on, Pancakeswap and

If you need to purchase BUSD on Binance, you can do so in your local currency.

Where to Buy or Swap $VENT Tokens?

You can buy, swap, trade and hold $VENT from these exchange or trading platforms below.


Available purchase/ swap/ trade pair for VENT

BTC, USDC, USDT, BUSD, ETH and all other DeFi Tokens..

BTC, USDT, BUSD, ETH and all other DeFi Tokens.

The list is updated as $VENT becomes available on more exchange platforms.

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